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The primary use of the Silver Spur is to boost the input of an amp that is already somewhat distorted.

Available in both Germanium and Silicon versions depending on the needs of each player.

If you're looking for a frequency dependent clean boost to recreate some of the most signature guitar tones in rock - this is your pedal.


SKU: SS0001
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    • 2 versions available (Ge or Si)
    • Germanium is best for the studio and many gigs.
    • Silicon is best for hostile (hot) environments, or for use in more complex rack systems - i.e. electrically hostile.
    • Uses hand and ear selected Germanium or Silicon transistors
    • Transistors chosen for gain and tone
    • Also sounds great as a full range boost
  • You may return the pedal within 14 calendar days for a full refund as long as you have all the original packaging, and the pedal is like new when it comes back. Please contact before returning. Customer pays for return shipping. If you need a longer grace period, please contact ahead of time.

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