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John Daspit put a soldering iron in his son Bob Daspit's hand when Bob was 5 years old, and Bob has been soldering and tinkering with electronics ever since. Bob's career as a studio guitarist, composer, mix engineer, and record producer also led to many years of wiring everything from guitar rigs to complete studios, building the occasional pedal, and countless other small but necessary studio electronics repairs and builds.

Bob currently does all the circuit design, PCB layout, assembly, wiring, testing, and case design for West Co Pedals. This includes hand soldering every single joint on every single pedal.

John Daspit handles our more complex and sophisticated design issues using his vast knowledge of electronics gained from over 50 years of experience as an electrical engineer.

Partnering with longtime friend and world class drummer Curt "Kirkee B" Bisquera in 2014 resulted in our original design the "Grease Juicer" - an envelope filter with attitude. check out Curt's insane credit list.

We hope you enjoy using these pedals as much as we enjoy making them for you!

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