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The Serious Juju is our take on the wonderful circuits based around the LM308 Op Amp. This will be a limited run of 10 pedals, exclusively for our mailing list customers. If you're not on the mailing list, please sign up to get notified about future special deals!


Serious Juju is a simple yet powerful pedal with only 3 controls: Gain, Tone, and Volume. Each control has a wide, smooth range. The Serious Juju can help bring back low end that is lost when using other "mid forward" overdrive pedals. This is a great combination that has been used by some of Los Angeles' top session players over the years.


Thank you for checking out the Juju - it's Serious!


Video demo links below:


Serious Juju with Strat


Serious Juju with Les Paul


SERIOUS JUJU - Distortion w/ Wide Ranging EQ

SKU: SJ001
please contact us
    • Hand built, premium distortion
    • Works great with both single coil and humbucker pickups
    • Wide ranging EQ
    • "Amp-like" tonal quality
    • Hard wire true bypass
    • Uses standard 9VDC, tip negative power adapter
    • Very low current draw - less than 10mA
  • You may return the pedal within 7 calendar days for a full refund as long as you have all the original packaging, and the pedal is like new when it comes back. Please contact before returning. Customer pays for return shipping. If you need a longer grace period, please contact ahead of time.

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