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The Prickly Pear Fuzz can produce everything from a warm, creamy overdrive to a sticky, violin-like lead tone depending on the setting of the internal trim pot. Each transistor is tested and checked by hand, eye, and ear. This is a "desert island" pedal, as it can produce sounds ranging from sparkling cleans to lush solo tones.


Setting the Bias using the internal Trimpot

PRICKLY PEAR (Germanium Fuzz)

SKU: PP0001
    • Hand built, premium fuzz
    • Uses hand-selected new-old stock Germanium transistors
    • Transistors selected for both optimum gain range as well as tone
    • Each pedal is biased by meter and by ear
    • Interior adjustable trim pot for tweaking fuzz to taste
    • Uses standard 9VDC, tip negative power adapter
    • Can share the same supply with other pedals in your chain.
    • Works best when placed first in pedal chain