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New "Hippy Shake" Vintage Tremolo


Designed by Bob Daspit with sonic contributions from Dave Phillips (LA Sound Design), the Hippy Shake is a smooth, all analog, vintage sounding tremolo. The Hippy Shake is available exclusively at LA Vintage Gear and LA Sound Design.


Hippy Shake Notes, Quick Start, and Manual

HIPPY SHAKE - Vintage Tremolo LAVG / LASD Exclusive

SKU: HS0001
    • true bypass
    • Smooth, vintage sounding tremolo
    • Drive control into the tremolo circuit
    • Rate and Depth controls
    • Shape control from choppy to smooth
    • Each pedal is tweaked by Bob for optimum shape, rate, and depth
  • You may return the pedal within 14 calendar days for a full refund as long as you have all the original packaging, and the pedal is like new when it comes back. Please contact before returning. Customer pays for return shipping. If you need a longer grace period, please contact ahead of time.

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