Handmade pedals from Bob Daspit

• PCB design, layout, and assembly

• graphic design

• audio research and testing

• Additional designs by John Daspit

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The Goldbricker is a limited run of "THE" Overdrive that everyone covets. Used as a clean boost or mild overdrive, The Goldbricker captures the distinctive midrange of this style of pedal.

THE GOLDBRICKER - "The" Overdrive

SKU: GB0001
  • The Goldbricker is a limited run of "THE" Overdrive coveted by many. Buffered bypass like the original. Many people use two of these - one as a clean boost and one as an overdrive.

  • You may return the pedal within 14 calendar days for a full refund as long as you have all the original packaging, and the pedal is like new when it comes back. Please contact before returning. Customer pays for return shipping. If you need a longer grace period, please contact ahead of time.